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In human relationships, what would be harder than growing fond of someone, and having to be separated from them? They started as competitors but now they are family. That is why it ached the viewers more when they saw how tight the friendship has become among the members. In the harsh reality, someone will seize victory while the other tastes bitter failure. And I thought, how great it would be if all 11 members could achieve their dreams, the ones who cried out, “Please let us all make a debut.”

In the evening of Oct 18, ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’ was aired on Mnet. The episode featured the 11 members being ever-more determined after receiving the final battle’s mission. Team A (Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon, Nam Tae Hyun and Kang Seung Yoon), who has already won the two previous battles said they will stay competitive, while Team B (B.I., Kim Jin Hwan, Bobby, Song Yoon Hyung, and Koo Jun Hoe) has hope as the gap between themselves and Team A is narrowing. They ignited their passion to win the final battle.

Only 25 days are left until the final battle takes place. All 11 members are devoting their full energy in preparing for the battle that will determine their fate. Night after night they are training without getting much sleep, but what keeps them going are the many fans who supported them at the successfully-held ‘High Touch’ event.

Teams A and B have been expressing how desperately they want to stand on stage, and how important the fans are to them. The final battle seemed ages away, but as it nears, the 11 members are full of nervousness. The last interviews of the members were heart-breaking for the viewers as every one of them revealed how they really felt about the battles.

Team B’s Bobby said, “It saddens me deeply when we have to hide our songs from each other, when we are the only YG trainees,” while Jin Hwan commented, “We really thought of going into our boss’s office, kneel down and ask him if we can all make a debut together.” Such comments ached the viewers.

Team B’s youngest Dong Hyuk stated, “The 11 members here are the best people I have ever met in my life,” while Team A’s Lee Seung Hoon said, “I hope we stay as YG Family even after the battle is over. I never imagined myself carrying out my music career in a different agency. That’s why I don’t want to lose,” boasting their tight friendship.

Team B’s leader B.I. commented, “We trained together but never done anything else. That’s why we felt a very strong sense of rivalry toward each other before. But after filming this program, we became a real team,” and added, “So instead of making the last round of battle a ‘fight,’ I want it to be a concert of 11 members.”

Kang Seung Yoon also commented, “There are members in Team B who did not even attend school so that they can solely devote themselves in this. What they have now is the result of their sweat and tears,” and added, “I would hate it if my team didn’t become WINNER, but I would also hate to beat the hard-working members of Team B to take that position.” He broke into tears as he said it.

The 11 YG trainees are put into a mutual fate where they have to beat each other to move forward. Looking at their cutthroat competition, there is no doubt that they are all capable of becoming WINNER. We just hope that their friendship will remain everlasting even after they end up going on different paths.

‘WIN’ is a real survival program that divides 11 of YG Entertainment’s trainees into Teams A and B for fierce battles. There are total of 3 battles, the winning team determined by the voting of the viewers.

The first and the second battles each take up 20% of the entire score, while the final one 60%. In episode 8, Team A won by 0.52% points, a tiny difference. Team A also seized victory in the first battle, by 2.74% points.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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