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YG Entertainment’s real survival program to determine the formation of the next boy group, ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’, leaves just one week until the final battle between Teams A and B kicks off. On Oct 18, just a week before the finale battle, the two teams will once again show their full charms.

The latest episode of ‘WIN’, scheduled to be aired on Oct 18, will feature scenes from the ‘High Touch with WIN’ event held in Seoul Yeongdeungpo’s Times Square on Oct 12 with thousands of fans.

On the day of the event, more than 3,000 fans joined the 11 members of Teams A and B, proving their remarkable popularity. The episode of ‘WIN’ will show the fans how the members reacted before and after the event, and how charming they were to the fans gathered at the venue to see them.

This is not the end. The episode will also portray the process of receiving and preparing the ‘mission order’ for the last battle, which will determine the winning and losing team. The final winning team will be making a debut under the group name ‘WINNER’.


Currently Team A is taking the lead by little from the 1st and the 2nd battle. The result of the final battle with take up 60% of the entire battles, which will show who the winner will be. The latest episode is expected to focus on the cutthroat competition between the two Teams, showing their hard work put into preparation and heightened tension among all 11 members.

‘WIN’ has been attracting much attention from the viewers by showing various sources of entertainment in every episode until the live battle show, including the inner feelings of the members and the fierce competitions. On Oct 25, the live show will feature the final battle, where live voting by text messaging will determine who the final winner is.

In the final voting, text messaging with account for 60%, Daum website 20%, and Kakao Talk and Kakao Game ‘Fantasy Runners for kakao’ 20%. Voting by text messaging will be available as soon as the live show kicks off.

‘WIN’ has also been drawing huge attention from abroad and has been airing in 10 different Asian countries from Sept 17, including on STAR TV-related Channel V and East Asia’s CJ E&M Channel M. Youku, the largest video-sharing website in China streams the show exclusively, while Arirang TV has been airing it in 188 countries to reach more enthusiastic international fans.

‘WIN’ is aired at 10p.m on Mnet and at 11:20p.m on tvN every Friday. Viewers can enjoy replay and behind-the-scene services on Daum Mobile App, while also watching the live streaming of the show.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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