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[NEWS] 131014 TEAM A’S 2ND WIN

In YG Entertainment’s survival program, “WIN”, featuring their rookie group, Team A has managed to secure their second victory for the audience voting after successfully winning the first one as well.

The hot topic spread intensely with Team A and Team B almost going hand-in-hand for the 2nd round, which Daum revealed the results for on the 14th. For the second consecutive week, Team A has won the audience voting.

It was a narrow result where Team A won with 50.26% of the viewer votes and Team B had 49.74% of the audience votes. This latest battle recorded two times the number of votes that were recorded for the first battle, proving the hot interest in these groups.

For the first battle, Team A won with 51.37% and Team B had 48.63%, a 2.74% difference in the number of votes.

For the second battle, the Dream Team of judges included Lee Hyun Do, Yoon Jong Shin, and Park Jinyoung, and their evaluations appeared to coincide with the viewers’ vote. The assigned song, dance battle, and finally, the self-composed song battle rounds tallied up to equal Team A with a total of 792 points and Team B with a total of 788 points, also a very slim margin. Team B ultimately lost out on the self-composed song round, after previously leading ahead of Team A.

The final winner will be decided in the final LIVE battle.

After a total of three battles, the three instances of voting will be combined to determine who will debut from ‘WIN’. The first and second round of voting each account for 20% of the total number of votes, and the 3rd and last round of voting will reflect for 60% of the total number of votes. To determine the final winner, the final audience voting is the key.

Team B’s counter-attack this time around will be very intense. An official said, that Team B’s leader, B.I, has shown “much progress and improvement” and from the High-Touch event on October 12, the last few days before the final stage is being shown much interest from everyone.

Source: Osen via Nate
Translated by winner-trans @ Tumblr

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