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The 11 members of ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’, YG Entertainment’s survival program to determine the formation of the next boy group, held a High Touch Event to meet with the fans for the first time and it attracted an enormous horde of fans.

The event named ‘High Touch with WIN’ was launched on Oct 12 with the members at Seoul Yeongdeungpo’s Times Square at 2 p.m. It was the first time for the contestants to meet with the fans in person.

According to a related official, more than a thousand fans gathered at the venue immediately after the building was open early in the morning. Extra 2,000 fans congregated at Times Square when the High Touch Event kicked off. Fans assembled around the round stage where the 11 members stood, and more fans filled the building up to the fourth floor to see the contestants.

It is rare for new groups to gain this much popularity even before their official debut. The huge turnout is a clear testament to how popular the two Teams have become.

The ‘WIN’ members thanked the fans by saying, “Thank you for coming all the way here. We are going to show you the best we’ve got. I hope you continue to support Teams A and B. We are preparing hard for the last battle, so stay tuned!”

YG’s relevant personnel told OSEN, “There were so many fans that it almost went out of control. This is beyond imagination. It was certainly an opportunity to see how popular the boys are, even before their official debut. We could not hear the members talk even though we were standing right near the stage because of the loud cheering from the crowd.”

Voting for ‘WIN’ can be done on Daum website, Kakao Talk, and ‘Fantasy Runners for kakao’ on Kakao Game. Voting will begin instantly after episode 8 finishes, which will last for 3 days until midnight of Oct 13 (Sunday).


Source: Osen via YG-Life

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