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[INFO] 131009 WIN High Touch Event

WIN will have a high touch event in Time Square in Seoul at 2pm on October 12th

Team A & B will meet their fans for the 1st time at “High Touch” event on October 12 in Seoul Yeongdeungpo Timesquare, 2PM.

The event is a first come first served basis through WIN’s official fancafe.

Fans who will attend the event will win prizes through a draw. Some can win tickets for the final stage of WIN battle.

This event will be aired on October 18

Team A and B of ‘WIN‘ will hold their first fan meeting in Seoul!

According to YG Entertainment, Team A and B will hold a special fan meet, ‘WIN and High Touch!‘, at Time Square, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul on the 12th at 2 PM KST. Lucky fans will be able to participate in the high-touch event on a first-come-first-serve basis, and more details about it will be available on ‘WIN’s official fan cafe.

YG Entertainment stated, “For the fans who come out the event, there will be a photo time. Through the WINNER raffle event, fans will be awarded access to participate in the high-touch event, admission tickets for the finale live broadcast, slogan, handwritten random message cards, Polaroid photo cards, and more merchandise.”

If you’re in Korea, make your way out to meet the boys and get a better idea of which team you’ll vote for!


Source: Newsen
Thanks for @TeamAtheWINNER and @ilove2ne1girls for the translations ^^

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