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[NEWS] 131005 Yang Hyun Suk guarantees that he will disband the losing team on ‘WIN’

Although fans have grown affection for both Team A and B, Yang Hyun Suk confirmed the cold hard reality that the losing team on ‘WIN’ will definitely be disbanded.

Yang Hyun Suk stated on the 5th, “I gave the viewers 100% control over the judging for the winning team on ‘WIN’. Following that decision no matter what and keeping our promise is the most important. At the time of the first production presentation for ‘WIN’, I said that the winners will make their debut immediately and the losers will possibly either be disbanded or have their debut pushed back. But if the final winning team is determined, I think it is right for me to disband the losing team no matter what.”

“Of course, both teams gained popularity and a lot of fans through the program. But in accordance to our promise with the public, the losing team will be officially disbanded immediately according to the program’s original intent.”

YG Entertainment responded, “There has been no change to the policy that the losing team will be disbanded and the winning team will make their debut. We are careful to speak on what will happen to the trainees of the losing team as of right now.”

It seem the stakes just got higher for Team A and B as well as the viewers.

Source & Image: OSEN via Naver, Newsen via Nate | Allkpop

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