[TUTORIAL] How Voting Will Work on WIN Show

Voting Period:

Round 1:  September 27, 11PM KST ~ September 29, 12AM KST (20% of the total score) ~ TEAM A WON (51.37% vs 48.63%)
Round 2: October 11, 11PM KST ~ October 13, 12AM KST (20% of the total score) ~ TEAM A WON (50.26% vs 49.74%)
Round 3: Live Voting as the program progresses on October 25 (60% of the total score)

Rounds 1 & 2:

  • Daum votes will count for 50%
  • KakaoTalk votes will count for 50%. Voting will be done via Fantasy Runner for KakaoTalk

Final Round (LIVE Battle for Episode 10):

  • Ballots (Text Messaging) will count for 60%
  • Daum votes will count for 20%
  • Kakaotalk votes will count for 20%. Voting will be done via Fantasy Runner for KakaoTalk

How to vote via Fantasy Runner:

  1. Make a Kakao Talk account, if you haven’t already.
  2. You will need to use the Korean iTunes or Google Play store to download this app. (For Android phones, you could try this, but I haven’t tested it.) For iPhones, make a new Apple ID using this tutorial. Scroll all the way down and choose “대한민국” as your store. Agree to the terms by clicking the button on the bottom right corner. Click the right button on the pop-up, too. You will eventually need to enter a real credit card # (although the app is free), and a real Korean province and post code (I chose Jeju-do, because why not. You can use any of these post codes for Jeju-do, and fake the rest of the billing address. Or you can do some research of your own, and use a different province and post code).
  3. Search for and download “판타지 러너즈” from the Korean iTunes store.
  4. Let the app load (the first time takes a while). Click the green button. Then click the yellow button and confirm your Kakao Talk ID. The app should load again. Click the x on any ads that should appear (yes, even the WIN ones). You might need to run through the game one time, as it teaches you how to play.
  5. When you get to this screen, click the mailbox on the bottom left of the screen:
  6. You should have a message waiting that will show you this screen:
  7. Click the green checkmark underneath the team of your choice.
  8. If your screen looks like this, you did it correctly:

Please note that Fantasy Runner is only available on the Korean iTunes store and Korean Google Play store.
Tutorial to bypass country restrictions on iOS:
Tutorial to bypass country restrictions on Android:

How to vote via KakaoTalk:

  1. Download Kakaotalk (AndroidiPhone/iPadPC/MAC )
  2. Do an ID search for and add “@WIN” (be sure to include the “@” symbol).
  3. In the chatroom, type 투표 (or copy & paste from here) and send.
  4. Type 1 for Team A, or 2 for Team B and send.
  5. Type 1 for Yes and send.
  6. Type your name and send.
  7. Type your ten digit phone number (numbers only! no spaces or dashes) and send.
  8. Type 1 for male, or 2 for female and send.
  9. If you see this message, you’ve done it correctly:
    The next time you vote, you will only need to send 투표 and then 1 for Team A, or 2 for Team B.

How to vote via Daum:

  1. Register for a Daum account if you haven’t already. Use the tutorial here or here (you will be asked to confirm your password again at the end, this tutorial does not include it) or watch the beginning of YGWINNER1‘s video here.
  2. Go to the Offiical YG Event Page on Daum and cast your vote.

Make sure that you vote only during the time periods when voting is open or else it won’t count!!

Sources:  yg-winner | YGWINNER1 | ygteamb | cherriesontahp@tumblr
Photo Credit: Mnet

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