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With Big Bang’s exploding popularity all around the globe, they’ve permanently established themselves as one of Hallyu’s strongest and most important groups. In addition, they along with other YG artists have made a lasting impression in the hearts of their Korean fans. In order to prolong their success, YG has been honing two new boy groups. However, the catch is that only one of them will be able to debut with the name “WINNER”, and the process of choosing which group will debut will be shown on a harsh reality program.

Only the victor will debut

Korean entertainment company YG will be pushing out a new boy group; however, there are currently two groups in the process of preparation, and still without an actual group name, only being codenamed as “Team A” and “Team B” for now. The two teams will be battling in a do-or-die competition through the TV program “WIN”, a program that YG has described as a reality survival program. In the program, Team A and Team B will face off in a series of intense battles, in which further details will be revealed as the program goes on. Through this program, fans can follow through the groups’ entire processes of going through training, practicing, and their battles. In the end, the group that receives the most votes from the audience will gain the title of the “WINNER” and be able to formally debut after the program is finished airing. On the other hand, the group that loses may face disbandment or member replacements.

Team B Currently in the Lead

Team A has Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, and Nam Tae Hyun, a total of 5 members. Their average age is 20 y.o, and amongst them, Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon are already well-known with the public, in addition to Kang Seungyoon having made his solo debut a while ago. Team A’s leader is Song Minho. On the other hand, Team B’s average age is much younger, an average of 17 y.o. The members are Goo Joonhwe, Kim Jiwon, Song Yoonhyung, Kim Jinhwan, Kim Donghyuk, and B.I, making up a total of 6 members. B.I appeared for the first time as a guest in MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” back in 2009. This year, the now-17 year old boy will be taking the reins and responsibility as Team B’s leader. With half of WIN already over, Team B is currently in the lead, as well as gaining the support of many fans. With this, Team B has a very high chance of becoming the “WINNER”, but will Team A be able to make a comeback with their high level of public recognition with Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon?!

Taking the stage with GD

It’s important to be able to show your skills as a team, but to be able to hold down a stage with your skills requires much more. Team A and Team B had an exciting stage with G-Dragon for his comeback performance on MCountdown! Just like how seven years ago, Big Bang appeared on company senior Se7en’s stage, GD rose up to his position as the two groups’ company senior and guided them on the stage. Other than being able to just feel what it’s like to be on stage, the two teams are able to attain valuable lessons and experience in performing. With their company seniors guiding them, WINNER will definitely be a force to be reckoned with after they debut!

Photo Credit: DCWin via @AeuyTLiN | loveSY HK Fanclub
Translations by winner-trans@tumblr

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