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YG Entertainment’s survival reality program ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’ to determine the formation of next boy group topped the ‘replay’ category, arousing hot response from the viewers.

Episode 4 of ‘WIN’, which was aired on Sept 13, revealed a cutthroat competition of the trainees from YG and JYP Entertainments. The exact episode was replayed 200,000 times on Daum Portal site which provides the repeat function. The replay video raked in the most viewers, which proves its extreme popularity.

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The statistics above shows that spectators prefer watching the replay for the show rather than on the actual time aired. 14% were teenagers who watched the replay while 48% were people in their 20’s. People in their 30’s accounted for 36%, which is more than the rate of teenagers. ‘WIN’ is certainly drawing viewers from diverse age groups. Expectations are growing for both Teams A and B, which only one of them would be chosen to be YG’s next boy group, WINNER. The kickoff of the real battle is expected to attract even more viewers.

Just like the CEO of YG, Yang Hyun Suk, explained on episode 4 of WIN, the much-anticipated battle between the trainees of YG and JYP allowed them to become a step closer to become a professional, despite what the result was. Spectators now have higher expectations for the trainees who have been embellishing their talents through the program.

The trainees from YG and JYP entertainment agencies seemed good enough to make a debut straight away. But it ached the viewers when they made mistakes out of nervousness. The fierce and nerve-racking battle of the talented trainees clearly showed that big stars like Rain, Se7en, BIGBANG and 2PM have gone through the exact hardship to be where they stand now.

The ending scene of episode 4 aroused much attention as it hinted BIGBANG’s TAEYANG and G-DRAGON becoming mentors for Teams A and B for the next battle.

TAEYANG, the mentor for Team A (Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon, Nam Tae Hyun, Kang Seung Yoon) coolly comments, “It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either”, while G-DRAGON, mentoring Team B (B.I., Kim Jin Hwan, Bobby, Song Yoon Hyung, Koo Jun Hoe, Kim Dong Hyuk) advises that they “find what they really want to show the audience.”

The two members of BIGBANG, also the very experienced artists who boasts very close friendship, will be appearing on episode 5 of the show on Sept 20. The latest episode gave a brief preview of the upcoming battle of pride.

WIN, which is also drawing huge attention from abroad will be aired in 10 different Asian countries from Sept 17, including on STAR TV-related channel V and East Asia’s CJ E&M channel M. Youku, the largest video-sharing website in China will unveil the show exclusively. Korea’s Daum portal site will provide replay services and behind-the-scenes.

WIN is aired every Friday from 10p.m. on Mnet and 11:20p.m. on tvN.

Source: Newsen via YG-Life


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