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’WHO IS NEXT : WIN’(“WIN”), a survival show to select the members of YG Entertainment’s new boy band has been ranked number one in the replay chart, enjoying a continuous popularity.

In “WIN”’s episode 4 aired on the 13 this month, a “showdown battle” between YG trainees and JYP Entertainment trainees was disclosed. As soon as the episode was opened for replay service on a portal site, it was ranked No. 1 in play list, with the number of plays reaching 200,000. The number demonstrates the show’s high popularity.


According to the statistics, most of the viewers are people in age groups who are used to watching a show through a replay service whenever they want rather than watching regular broadcasting. Teenagers, people in the 20s, and 30s accounted for 14%, 48%, and 26% of the viewership respectively, which is a proof of rising and broadening popularity of the show.

“WIN” has already been creating sensation, with high expectations for the winner among 11 YG trainees of Team A and Team B, who will make debut as a next-generation boy band and the viewer ratings is expected to further rise, with the beginning of a battle in earnest.

As YG’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk explained in episode 4, the “showdown battle between YG trainees and JYP trainees was a good opportunity for “WIN” members to grow into genuine professionals” and many viewers are looking forward to watching their talent they have polished as YG trainees.

All the YG and JYP trainees who competed in the “showdown battle” tournament which was aired on the day proved their skills of a professional artist, which drew much attention. The competition between YG artists and JYP artists is not new. Rain and Seven, and Big Bang and 2PM have also undergone such a fierce competition as rivals, and “WIN” members are working hard to make debut and grow into famous singers like them. This is what excites viewers of the show.

In addition, in the ending of episode 4, Big Bang member Taeyang and G-Dragon’s preparation for a team battle as the mentor of Team A and B was portrayed.

Taeyang coached Team A and showed a serious attitude toward the battle saying “Team A’s performance is not bad but not good as well.” G-Dragon, Team B’s coach, also expressed concern over his mentees, stating, “You have to precisely think about what you want to show to the audience.”

The battle between Team A and B is also a competition between G-Dragon and Taeyang, both of who are successful artists as well as friends from childhood. As such, it is drawing keen attention from K-Pop fans. It is the beginning of the battle between Team A and B in earnest, which will be aired in episode 5.

Meanwhile, “WIN” show, which has been drawing much attention not only within Korea but also from overseas, will be aired in more than 10 Asian countries starting from the 17 this month, through STAR TV cable’s subsidiary Channel V and CJ E&M’s Southeast Asian subsidiary Channel M. In China, the show will be aired exclusively on Youku, the biggest video-streaming site in the country. In Korea, viewers can enjoy replay and behind story of the show on portal site Daum.

“WIN” is aired on Fridays at 10:00 pm on Mnet and at 11:20 pm on tvN.

Source: enews24 via YG-Life

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