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YG Entertainment’s survival program ‘WHO IS NEXT : WIN’ is indicating a fierce and cold survival starting from episode 2.

‘WIN’ is a real survival program that divides YG’s 11 trainees into Teams A and B for a fierce battle, where the result depends completely on the viewers. On August 23, the first episode was aired on Mnet and tvN, which revealed the trainees’ honest thoughts and the reason for planning the program.

The second episode is scheduled to be aired on August 30, which will show a real competition ignited by the two teams. At the entertainment agency, an end-of-the-month evaluation is held every month, but CEO Yang Hyun Suk, soon after revealing his plans for the program ‘WIN’, held an unannounced mid-evaluation session which took all the trainees from teams A and B by surprise.

From episode 1 the agency’s founder Yang Hyun Suk drew attention with his extremely harsh comments, and this will continue on in episode 2. His comments toward members making mistakes out of nervousness is expected to be even harsher. In the preview, he says, “This is the worst performance I have ever seen,” while to Team A’s Nam Tae Hyun he comments, “Your high pitch is not good,” “You look like someone who the team has borrowed temporarily from another group.”

The preview which showed Nam Tae Hyun breaking into tears is heightening the curiosity of the spectators.

The 11 trainees who have become close friends while training are now determined to win the survival game to realize their dreams. The news of the latest program came to many as a dilemma. As the battle becomes fiercer amongst the trainees, viewers are cheering them on more energetically as well.

Apart from the fans’ messages on different online community boards for each team, international spectators are much excited about the show. ‘WIN’ will be broadcasted exclusively on China’s largest video sharing website Youku’s YG Family channel. Episode 1 raked in 1 million viewers already.

Source: via YG-Life

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