[RADIO] 130814 Kang Seung Yoon on KBS Cool FM: Yoo In Na’s Volume Up




Wild and Young


Full Raw

Source: 요 플레@youtube

Seung Yoon sounded great in both live performances! Look at 2NE1 enjoying their hoobae perform!

Here are some of the things that happened and what was said throughout the show:

  • Yoo In Na asked 2NE1 what they thought of KSY’s cover, and KSY said he’s totally shaking right then. Bom said it was sexy & CL liked it a lot
  • Yoo In Na: during my 2 years stint of being a DJ, today is my happiest day^^ (bcus 2NE1 and KSY from same company are there)
  • Yoo In Na: How did you feel when you performed your first stage? SY: I was nervous, all other seniors were looking at me and I made mistakes…
  • CL: SY’s doing well.. even when he makes mistakes, we don’t realize
  • KSY hasn’t been home in a long time.. but his mum stays in Seoul so it’s ok~
  • Dara said she wants to try acting, KSY says if I have the chance I want to try. Bom wants to try a sitcom
  • they’re talking about KSY kiss scene in Stealer &he said everything touched they did it for real KSY said the director told him to & CL said “according to what I know you don’t need to…” Minzy said “Just because you wanted to…” LOL they love teasing KSY

Thank you for @nyldeabcd and @21TASTICBABY for the live translations

Photo Sources: @kbs_volume | @ATOU_21ing | 2NE1’s Line

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