[NEWS] 130807 YG, SM, JYP, and Star Empire file report against manipulation of digital music charts

YG, SM, JYP, and Star Empire Entertainment came together to report the manipulation of music charts to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

The four have pointed out the problems that have been on the rise with agencies manipulating the charts by raising the number associated with how many times the song has been played or downloaded. Once they are able to raise that amount to the point that the song ranks towards the top of music charts, the song is easily able to gain more attention. This also means more royalties, as well as a chance for these songs to rise to the top 10 of various music broadcast programs and thus, gaining further exposure.

Due to results like these, there has also been a rise in companies that offer services and products that can help with raising these numbers and manipulating charts.

A YGE rep commented, “Digital sajaegi [‘mass buying’] must be stopped as agencies which properly release digital albums are at a disadvantage, and the public lose faith in music site charts’ fairness. Digital music business need to work together and a preventative measure must be put in place to prevent these illegal acts.”

JYPE stated, “The manipulation which hurt agencies that release and distribute music fairly and tarnish the faith in digital music sites has to be immediately stopped. All digital music businesses must work together to arrange a system to prevent the corruption of music businesses and manipulation of digital numbers.”

Source: Allkpop | YGFamily

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