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[NEWS] 130806 Why did Kang Seung Yoon once regret joining YG Entertainment?


Kang Seung Yoon honestly confessed that there was once a moment when he regretted joining YG Entertainment.

On the August 6th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s ‘Songs of Hope at Noon Kim Shin Young’, Kang Seung Yoon shared during the speed question game that there was once a time when he wondered if he made the right decision.

The rookie quickly explained, “During the early stage of my training, I couldn’t dance well so it was hard for me to go through dance practice. Because I had dreamed of becoming a rocker, I experienced some confusion about my identity. However besides that time, I’ve been satisfied with everything else,” assuring fans that he’s quite happy to call YGE his home.

Like his fellow new YGE artists, Kang Seung Yoon also answered the customary question of whom he considers the most scary in the agency.His answer may or may not surprise fans as he picked none other than Seungri of Big Bang! “I am most scared of Seungri. He comes up to hoobaes first and gives them a lot of advice. He tells me to work hard but he jokes around a lot too…Tablo is especially a sunbaenim whom I respect, and he gives me a lot of advice on my music. He treats me the best in the agency.”

It seems like Kang Seung Yoon never expected himself to be dancing on stage as part of an idol group either like many fans. However, thanks to his solo promotions in addition to his upcoming promotions as part of one of the new boy groups, it seems we’ll get the best of both worlds as we see his various sides.

Source: Allkpop

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