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2NE1, appearing on Music Bank for the first time in 3 years… their new song ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ goes on national television for the first time on August 9

It seems as though the summer heat wave is slowly and gradually melting the ice between YG Entertainment and KBS (Korea Broadcasting System).

YG Entertainment announced on August 5 that its artists 2NE1 and KANG SEUNG YOON will be making a co-appearance on KBS’s Music Bank on August 9. 2NE1, making a comeback to show their new song to many awaiting fans, will be appearing on the music program for the first time in 3 years.

The revelation of 2NE1’s new song ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ on Music Bank means that it will be their first performance of the song on national television. Considering the fact that the entertainment agency’s artists avoided appearing on KBS’s programs, the news on 2NE1’s comeback on the particular broadcasting system has definitely taken many by surprise.

The last time fans saw 2NE1 on Music Bank was in October 2010, when the group released 3 big hits ‘CLAP YOUR HANDS’, ‘CAN’T NOBODY’, and ‘GO AWAY’ in a row. It was when the girls were wrapping up their album promotion. And now they are back after 3 years to reunite with the audience in Music Bank.

What’s more interesting is that YG’s rookie KANG SEUNG YOON will also be making an appearance on Music Bank the same day. The news is even more surprising as it is quite rare for an ex-contestant of Mnet’s Superstar K2 to perform on KBS’s Music Bank. KANG SEUNG YOON is currently running on the path of success, with his July debut song ‘IT RAINS’ knocking down all music charts.

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Source: Osen via YG-Life

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