This summer, YG is on the forefront. YG’s rookies as well as its major solo singers and groups are about to sweep the K-pop world. Gone are the days when artists spent as much time as possible to prepare for their debuts and comebacks, tantalizing their fans. YG has changed its strategy from focusing on a single artist in a single market to promoting a wide range of artists in every single market at once.

KANG SEUNG YOON was the first case in point this summer. He topped music charts with his debut song “IT RAINS” released last month. In a matter of a month, he is about to showcase a new title song “WILD AND YOUNG.” This clearly shows the rookie singer’s unparalleled enthusiasm. Of course, YG’s chief producer Yang Hyun Suk has been there to support his passion. Yang has supervised the production of the music video of “WILD AND YOUNG” following his previous involvement with PSY’s mega-hit songs, “GANGNAM STYLE” and “GENTLEMAN.”

2NE1 is next in the pipeline. Following CL’s remarkable debut as a solo, the four gorgeous artists of 2NE1 is about to stage an incredible performance. Their second title song “DO YOU LOVE ME” will be released on August 7th, most likely to wow the users of YouTube and other SNS all around the world.

On top of this, YG’s other leading artists will keep the party vibe rolling. Member of BIGBANG, who have become global artists as well as Hanryu (Korean Wave) stars, will make a comeback as a solo artist by the end of this year. SEUNGRI will be the first to stage a comeback. His second mini album will be unveiled in two and a half years after the release of his first solo album in 2011, and will contain a total of six songs including the title song “할 말 있어요.”

Yang Hyun Suk has implied on his blog that G-DRAGON and TAEYANG will mount their comebacks following that of SEUNGRI. According to a YG source, Yang is said to be working day and night with G-DRAGON and TAEYANG as well as SEUNGRI, preparing for their comebacks as always.

The list goes on. There are signs that the global pop phenomenon PSY is about to release a new song. YG has remained silent about the prospect so far, and usually that means “yes.”

If PSY really makes a comeback, it is likely that KANG SEUNG YOON, 2NE1, SEUNGRI, PSY, G-DRAGON, and TAEYANG might have to compete with each other as well as other artists during the latter half of this year. This is in fact completely alarming news to other entertainment companies. YG is already an unparalleled competitor in the music business, and its major artists’ comebacks scheduled for the second half of this year are quite overwhelming for its competitors.

The change in the strategy of YG was first spotted early this year. LEE HI staged her comeback quite shortly in only half a year after becoming a huge success in the latter half of last year. Moreover, YG has since led the market with PSY’s “GENTLEMAN” and CL’s solo debut smashing the music charts.

As YG makes its daring and aggressive move into the second half, the K-pop market is expected both to enjoy quantitative and qualitative improvements and to face a dog-eat-dog competition.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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