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[NEWS] 130731 KANG SEUNG YOON releases his first title “WILD AND YOUNG” at noon, ready to smash the K-pop world


KANG SEUNG YOON sings about daring yet innocent youth with his latest song “WILD AND YOUNG.”

YG’s rookie male solo singer KANG SEUNG YOON is unveiling his first title song “WILD AND YOUNG” on July 31st, making inroads into the K-pop market.

“WILD AND YOUNG” is an exciting, rock song that will mesmerize his fans who remember him as a confident singer with a guitar from his performances three years ago. KANG will meet the expectations of his fans while showing off his more mature vocal ability and emotion.

Before releasing the brand-new song, YG first unveiled the lyrics yesterday, raising fans’ expectations even more. With “WILD AND YOUNG,” KANG SEUNG YOON deals with the youth of a wild and young man who is full of passion for his love.

More interestingly, YG’s main producer TEDDY has written, composed, and arranged the new rock song, a rarity in his career. As such, many fans remain anxious to find out what TEDDY’s new style and KANG’s compelling voice have created.

KANG’s official debut as a singer will add a new dimension to the K-pop world as there are only a few male solo singers now. Of course, many members of K-pop groups have enjoyed popularity as a solo artist so far. Yet, a debut of a solo singer who is not a member of a group is quite unusual these days. KANG’s debut is all the more unusual, given that he will appear on a talent show called “WIN” to decide who will become the newest YG group of male artists in seven years.

Meanwhile, YG posted yesterday on its official blog ( an image that counts down to the release of KANG’s song and music video. On the 16th, KANG surprised everyone by releasing ““IT RAINS,” topping the music charts. Now, KANG is ready to repeat his success once again with “WILD AND YOUNG.”

KANG SEUNG YOON will make his debut on August 4th on SBS’ Music Trend (Inkigayo).

Source: YGFamily

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