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[NEWS] 130725 D-6 for WILD AND YOUNG, KANG SEUNG YOON Releases Rebellious Teaser

Upon D-6 for his WILD AND YOUNG, a rookie singer KANG SEUNG YOON has released its teaser pic and expectations are running high.

On July 25, YG Entertainment unveiled a teaser pic for WILD AND YOUNG on it homepage (

In a black-and-white photo, KANG has two-block cut hairstyle and poses as a charismatic rebel. It feels like KANG is about to take off somewhere with his guitar on, which is stimulating fan’s curiosity for his new song’s concept.

KANG’s first solo debut song WILD AND YOUNG is completely different from his song for advance release IT RAINS. It is a rock song full of free sprit and will be released on Wednesday July 31.

After Superstar K2, KANG SEUNG YOON has trained for 3 years at YG and is planning to show up with as many as 3 new title songs as if to express his gratitude to his fans who have been waiting so long.

On July 23, YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk announed KANG’s future plans via FROM YG, saying “Apart from July 31 release of WILD AND YOUNG, KANG’s two new title songs will be released in August and September.” He added “All 3 songs are produced by different songwriters and notably, the third song’s lyrics was written by BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON.”

Plus, it is announced that KANG is appearing on SBS Ingigayo on August 4, which will be his official debut stage.

KANG presented his song for advance release IT RAINS on July 16. The song demonstrated KANG’s deeper voice and richer emotion, ranking the top in numerous music charts.

Meanwhile, apart from solo debut, KANG will also join a survival program “WIN”, which will decide on YG’s next boy band 7 years after BIGBANG’s debut.


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