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[NEWS] 130718 Lee Jong Seok Promotes Kang Seung Yoon with a Selca

Being best friends on MBC’s High Kick, Lee Jong Seok took time out of his busy schedule to promote Kang Seung Yoon.

On July 17, Lee Jong Seok posted on his me2day, “Our Seung Yoon finally debut! It must have been raining recently for Seung Yoon to do well. Cheer up Kang Seung Yoon.”

130728 jongsuk_ksy

He posted his Kakaotalk conversation with Kang Seung Yoon, who wrote, “Hyungah, hyungah TT My song came out. Listen to it!”

With a selca and a smiling face, Lee Jong Seok replied, “Already heard it, punk.”

Kang Seung Yoon added, “Since you’re really popular now, you should do some promoting!! Keke.”

Lee Jong Seok said, “I’m not popular. But our Seung Yoon finally made his debut.”

Meanwhile, Kang Sung Yoon recorded an all-kill with his new song, It Rains, while Lee Jong Seok is gaining popularity starring in SBS’ I Hear Your Voice.

Source: Mwave

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